Trying some bondage with your partner can help improve your sexual life. Also, it can go a long way in making both of you understand your fetishes. The truth is that fuzzy handcuffs offer a perfect way of spicing up your sex life in an adventurous and safe way. Like any other sex toy or accessory, you need to get the right handcuffs. It is advisable to consult your partner when buying one. This will ensure that both of you are comfortable and happy with the choice you make. These are the important things you should consider.


When considering the material, you want to think about how your handcuffs will feel. Leather is the most popular option because of the comfort and versatility it offers. You can also find synthetic handcuffs. These are great as you can wash them with a machine whenever they get messy. Since you are using these handcuffs for pleasure, you should consider those with soft lining. This means they are gentle on your skin and prevent rubbing that can cause sores.

Where to Tie Them Up

Probably you will tie fuzzy handcuffs against the wall, in the shower, or on the bed. You have many places you can tie them up for ultimate fun and play. However, this will determine the type of handcuff to buy. For instance, if you need to tie it against the wall, you will need handcuffs with suction cups. In this way, you can ensure your partner is safe and secure. In addition, you will have flexible fun. If your bed does not have posts, it can be challenging to use handcuffs. Thus, ensure you get all the accessories needed.

Sex Activities

Think about the activities you want to engage with your partner during sex. Analyze your positioning and how it impacts your choice as you choose the handcuffs. There are times you want your partner to change position. If you are planning to tie the ankles, think of handcuffs that will not cause injuries.


When choosing fuzzy handcuffs make sure you choose adjustable ones. The handcuffs should be completely adjustable. This is to ensure you or your partner is comfortable. It should allow you to play with tightness and adjust the level of fun and enjoyment.


Many handcuffs come with the wrist to thigh attachments. Make sure you choose handcuffs that provide a range of levels of attachment. This is because there are times you want to raise your ankles or wrists higher. In this way, you can easily discover what you want.


Remember your aim is to enjoy the highest level of gratification. You should try different handcuffs to get those that suit your needs. As you use them, try to explore various aspects of bondage. This will help you discover what your partner loves most. Also, choose the most comfortable material for you. The appropriate material should be gentle to your skin and help both of you to experience something sensual. Always follow the above tips and you will be on your way to getting the best restraints for your bedroom.

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