Getting a good car placeholder is very easy, as long as you have the correct information. All you need to do is log on to, and you will get a good phone stand no matter the option you choose. There are more than eight choices for you to choose from, so it is usually not so difficult. Ugreen products are so good that they always come with a warranty of two full years. However, as all warranties work, it is only when there is a manufacturing problem you can activate it. If the fault is from your end, you may need to fix it. Buying a car phone holder may be easy, but as you use it, you begin to depend on the material. As a result, it is frustrating when it goes bad. In this guide, we will describe how you can make your car placeholder last long.

Buy from a good brand

The brand you choose to purchase your car phone holder is critical in the product lasting long. You need to pick the right brand carefully. Without any iota of doubt, the Ugreen brand stands tall amongst other brands’ in-car phone stands and other items.

Read user manual on installation

Installing a car phone holder is very simple, especially when you buy from a good brand. For any of the Ugreen brands, you will only have to install easily within one or two steps. The best way, however, to avoid any mistakes is to go through the user manual. It is vital that you get the installation right because it affects how much time it will last.

Do not always move every time

This warning is essential for people who love carrying their phone holders with them every time. There are standard phone holders built to be carried around easily. But the car phone holders are to be inside the car for the better part of their existence. That is why some of these items come with magnets and adhesives – because it is not meant to be moving.

Use the phone gently while on the phone holder

The car phone holder is there to help you use your phone easily while driving. But you need to be careful. You do not need to hurriedly pull your phone with force to remove it from the holder. Over time, this will affect the strength of the car phone holder, and it will damage. More so, you need to clean your car carefully, so you do not affect the phone holder.


If you go through the correct process of getting a car placeholder for your vehicle, you will agree that it is not easy. Checking through the many brands and filtering to the right one can be a struggle. That is why we do not hesitate to recommend Ugreen without getting asked by anyone because it is a brand we can trust to deliver quality. But after getting that quality you want, maintaining it for an extended period is what we have discussed in this guide. You can follow the steps above, but remember to keep researching for more processes.


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