The technology used in LEDs is what separates them from other lighting systems. The technology is well thought of, that the LED lights have attracted a significant following. The bulbs can sometimes mimic the traditional bulbs. Also, they produce as much lighting as them; however, they come in varying sizes and shapes. Some LEDs are open; hence easy to spot them. Others are hidden within the ‘bulb’ casing hence difficult to identify. You can also find them in different colors. This makes the light given off appear colored. LEDs have drivers, e.g., the 0-10 dimmer. We look at the ins and out of an LED driver below.

About drivers in LEDs

An LED driver controls the electrical current within an LED. It regulates the power intensity such that the bulb doesn’t burn out fast. Like other gadgets, LEDs may become too hot and risk malfunctioning. However, the driver keeps their temperature constant and electrical current consistent. Also, the voltage is usually the same throughout; hence no problems arise.

The driver within these LED lights takes power to several LEDs. Luckily, the power that the LEDs need is quite minimal, unlike in traditional bulbs. They produce the same lighting as them but with less power. They are energy efficient, surviving on DC power and a low voltage, between 2V and 4V. The driver usually converts the current from AC to DC before getting to the LED. This way, it protects them from problems like power surges that cause overheating. Therefore, it’s safe to say that these drivers both protect and manage the electrical current in the LED system.

Different types of an LED driver

There is a variety of driver devices in the market. But, the variety mainly consists of two major types of drivers. They are similar but different at the same time. They operate in varying situations depending on the need, and they offer s constant voltage and constant current. Always read through the specifications before buying. It helps you get your hands on the best and correct kind for your LED light.

1. Constant voltage LED driver

As the name suggests, these drivers keep the voltage constant. So, it’s ideal for LED items that need a constant and steady voltage (DC) to operate as required. These drivers come in-built and ready to regulate the current on most occasions. They are also great for strip LEDs, where each is parallel to the driver. They all receive equal voltage suitable for applications like accent lighting, landscape illumination, HD LED displays and advertisement boards.

2. Constant current LED driver

This type of driver regulates the current flow, keeping it constant. What goes into the LED is a forward current resulting from photon creation. If the forward current is too much, overheating is possible. Constant current drivers for LEDs are perfect for those without an in-built driver.


These drivers are an essential part of LED lighting. Whether in-built or not, there are types to serve each purpose based on the needs. Drivers regulate both LED current and voltage. They prevent these components from getting so high that the LED malfunctions. Confirm details of each kind before purchase as their use varies.

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