A crusher is not a machine anyone just purchases because they need it one or two times. Mostly, you buy a crusher because of mining purposes, and in many cases, you need the crusher urgently. Therefore, you need to choose the crusher you want properly. You would not want a crusher that can spoil within one or two days. But to properly select a mobile crusher, you will need to read more and learn about crushers properly. Often, you would not think towards buying a crusher until you need the machine for a job. In this case, there is no time to make mistakes as you need them urgently.

There are many types of mobile crushing equipment to choose from, and each of these mobile crushers has its respective purposes. Without prior experience, knowledge, or proper guidelines from an expert, you may find yourself making the right choice. Apart from getting the correct type of mobile crusher, you need to consider some factors before choosing to buy a mobile crusher. Making the wrong choice of crusher is worse than not having a crusher at all. In this guide, we’ll explain the different factors to consider. These factors will not only guide you to choosing the suitable mobile crusher.

Understand the different crusher types

The first thing you need to know about choosing a mobile crusher is understanding the different types of crushers. There are many types of mobile crushers globally, and many more will come because crushing is a widespread industry, and you will need to crush different materials at different points. For instance, there are jaw crushers and stone crushers amidst other crushing machines. You can’t use one machine for various purposes.

Determine the stage of crushing you require

There are different types of crushing stages that you require. The type of crushing you require determines the type of crusher you will need for the job. There are about four different crushing stages, and not all crushers have all stages of crushing. In most cases, mobile crushers usually have one or two stages of crushing. The primary stage is when the material enters into your crushers through the conveyor belt. The secondary crushing stage is when the machine crushes the material into a lower form and prepares it for the tertiary crushing stage, where it breaks it into a fine texture.

Confirm the hardness factor of the crushers

The fact that you need a crusher machine already indicates that you have a hard material to crush. Now, these crushers also come in different hardness and capacities. For instance, there are crushers that are designed to flatten cars made out of metal. While on the other hand, some crushers are relatively harder and can crush the hardest of stones into small bits. The ability of the crusher to crush heavy materials is known as the hardness factor. This hardness or abrasive factor will determine how effective your crusher will be.


The idea of having a crusher machine is great, but it’s important to understand the capacity of the mobile crusher. You don’t want to buy a crusher that doesn’t suit the purpose you bought it for. Also, you don’t want to buy a crusher that isn’t in line with what you bought. After determining these factors mentioned above, you can confirm the budget of the crusher and compare it before you purchase.


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