Vaping is a habit grown over time, and choosing a vaping product is a daunting decision. But when you finally get that product, switching is usually a harder task. That is what the UWELL brand users will face when the news of the Uwell A2 breaks to them. First, they are already happy with one of the two Caliburn products, including Caliburn GK2 and Caliburn G. Changing products related to vaping is never an impulsive decision. You will at least need to know the specifications of the new product and how it can benefit you. This article is a way to show you some of the benefits of the Caliburn A2 product and why you should choose it.

Some of the pros of the Caliburn A2 include;

It has a reduced weight

When you are vaping, size matters. You do not want to have a vaping material that has a high weight. As much as possible, vaping should be a comfortable process, and since you will be carrying the device to the mouth from time to time, it needs to be lightweight. The Caliburn A2 vaping system has a weight of 31 grams, which is even reduced compared to the previous vaping systems.

It is effortless to use

If you have been vaping for a long period, you will have some experience, and you are able to use just about any product. But for a beginner, some vapes will be too complex to use. The Caliburn A2, however, is a great choice for beginners as it performs excellently well. It has a button technology that allows you to press it before you vape. It also has the draw technology used by experts in the process. So it is a vaping system that works for both beginners and experts.

Comfortable on the hands

UWELL  is popular for producing great products with amazing features and also having a fantastic design. This brand has the Caliburn A2 with a sleek design and size for comfort. The dimensions of the Caliburn A2 are 110mm x 21.33 x 11.7mm. It is easy to carry and enjoy.

Type C charging for a fast experience

Caliburn A2 has a port for type C charging that makes it faster to use and charge. What is more amazing is the indication of the battery level that you can only see below the front of the device. When the light shows green, the battery is high and between 60% and 100%. If it shows blue, the battery is between 30% and 60%, while if it shows red, the battery is completely down.


The Caliburn A2 may be a relatively popular creation from the UWELL brand. However, its specifications and descriptions have described another flawless product from the UWELL brand. There were two older products from this brand that had a lot of acceptance and recognition in the industry. However, UWELL  is a brand that always innovates, and they made the Caliburn A2. The Benefits of this Caliburn is what we have discussed in this guide above.


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