CNC machining is a highly beneficial manufacturing process. However, it is also complex. Therefore, companies like 3ERP take pride in producing the best machining parts. CNC machining offers fast and precise production, is eco-friendly and is highly efficient. Various materials are used in CNC machining. The production technique depends on its components to achieve its tasks. This blog focuses on some of the top CNC machine components.

The most critical CNC machine components

Below are some mandatory parts of a CNC machine.

1. The computer and the keyboard

CNC machining is a computerized manufacturing technique. This means that the entire process is computerized. Therefore, the computer is the essential component, and it controls the entire process. All the manufacturing instructions are usually fed to the machine through the computer. Note that regular computers are not applied here.

Specialized devices with unique features are applied. The computer controls all the movements made by other components (the workpiece or cutting tools). The computer keyboard is used to feed information to the machining tools. The programming language used to feed the machine differs depending on the process. Programming can either be done manually or automatically. The computer and keyboard are the brains of the machine.

2. The control panel

This part features the computer keyboard and other small machining parts. This depends on the type of machine. For instance, in some machines, the control panel exclusively houses the keyboard, and in others, it features other components.

3. The supporting rack

As the name suggests, this is the part that supports the machine. You can find it on the machine’s foundation. It is usually made from welded materials and is filled with granite. The rack also absorbs and dampens the vibrations from the manufacturing process to prevent any production errors.

4. The frame

The frame hosts all the components of the machine. It is connected to all vital CNC machine components and helps allow movements of the workpieces in different directions. This depends on the CNC process. In some processes, the workpiece does not move. The frame also supports the workpiece and keeps it in place through the powerful cutting forces. Thanks to the demanding applications of the frame, it is usually made from durable and resilient materials, like cast iron.

5. The worktable

The worktable is a vital component found on all CNC machining tools, like CNC mills and lathes. This component holds the workpiece throughout the production process. The worktable is either moveable or stationary, depending on the type of CNC manufacturing process. The workpiece is usually designed based on the material used and the process.

6. The spindle

This is the core component of a CNC machine. It holds the rotating elements in the machine. It is the most used component, hence the most vulnerable to wear and tear. For this reason, the spindle is usually made from the best and most durable materials.


All CNC machines also come with an axis or more, depending on the service and intention. The components may differ from one machine to the next. However, the few above are standard CNC machine components you will find on all machines.


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